Narrative Text Putri Kemuning, dkk


Putri Kemuning and her mother lived in a jungle. They were poor. Putri Kemuning helped her mother collect woods in the jungle and sell them to the market.

In the jungle, Putri Kemuning had animal friends. One day, Putri Kemuning’s mother was very ill. Putri Kemuning was very sad because she did not have enough money to buy medicine. She then collected many woods and plans to sell them. She wanted to spend the money to buy medicine.

While She was collecting the woods, Putri Kemuning met her animal friend, the rabbit. He was worried because Putri Kemuning looked very sad. Putri Kemuning told the problem to the rabbit. “I can help you. Take this ring and then sell it,” says the rabbit. “Is this your ring?” asked Putri Kemuning. “No. This is the King Ngarancang Kencono’s ring. It fell when he was hunting here.” Putri Kemuning hesitated. She really needed the money but it was not her ring. Finally she said, “No, I have to return this ring to the king.”

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Narrative Text Part 2

Assalamu’alaikum …

Waduh … banyak banget niy yang minta ane posting materi narrative text …

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Narrative Text

Sukses ya buat tugas – tugasnya …


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