Family Education

Family Education

A Family is a small group of people related to one another by birth, adoption, or marriage, sharing a household, and caring for one another. A group made up only of a father, a mother, and a child or children is called a basic family. It is a unit of parents and children in which tie usually strong and long lasting.

A family lives a single household and may own a house or rent an apartment. Close relatives like parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephew, often come especially during special events. In many families, visits, letters, and occasional large family reunions keep the kinship alive, even though members may live far apart.

Children are advised to go to bad early and get up early too. Although they are too young to do housework, they can be taught and ought to do everything by themselves, like taking a bath, eating their meals, cleaning their bedrooms, making up the bed and laying the table. Parent ought not to expect too much from their children. For example, the floor is dirty and a mother asks her – 7 – year – old daughter to sweep the floor is still dirty. She must not be angry with her. The she teaches the little girl to sweep and advises her not to make the floor dirty. She is a good teacher and advisor.

During meal time, parents are expected to be at home. So the children can have breakfast, lunch and supper together with them. If their father is away from home in the day time because he is on duty, he is expected to be home in the evening.

Before having a meal, children and parents pray to God. Their father leads a family prayer. They should not talk too much. Everythingserved should be eathen. They must not complain to their parents about the food.

On Sunday morning a son can help the father wash the car or motor-cycle. The daugther can help the mother cook. These things make the children accostom to get up early and help their parents.

In conclusion, if parents teach and educate their children, they will become reliable people. Parents must not negiect this.

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