The Legend of Roti Island


Long time ago… on the island of roti there lived an old women. She was a widow. She only lived with her grandson. There were only the two of them on the island. They lived in an old hut.

The boy had no parents anymore. And you know, he didn’t know what had happened to them. His grandmother never told him about it. Actually, the old woman had no heart to tell the truth about his parents.

For their living, they grew some crops behind their hut. It produced only a small quantity of rice. But… there was always enough food for them. Then, for other food the old woman had to go to the sea, … to catch the fish. And… everytime the woman wen our fishing, the boy had to stay at home and prepare the food.

However, one day the boy could not hold in any longer. He said to his grandmother, “Please, Granny, let me go with you. I would like to catch the fish, too.”

“No, dear, it’s too dangerous. Just stay at home and cook the rice for us. Remember, take only one grain.” Then, she went away.

There was the boy, left all alone… in a great disappointment. He sat around the house. He wondered why his grandmother never allowed him to sea. He thought, “Hmmm… why did Garnny never let me go with her? I know that I’m strong enough. And… of course, I’m not afraid of the waves.” He couldn’t find the answer. Then, he remembered that he had to cook rice. While doing this, he talked to himself, “Why is there only one grain? How can it be enough food for us? Granny must be joking.” So, he poured several handfuls of rice into the rice pot and cooked it. A few moment later, as he thought it was the time to take the pot off the fire, you know… he lifted the lid.

“My Goodness! What’s happening?” There was a stream of hot porridge flowing out of the pot. It kept flowing and flowing. The boy ran… looking for his grandmother. Finding her, he told what he had done. His grandmother got angry. Then, she took a piece of wood and beat him on the head.

“I told you take only one grain, take one grain, take only one grain!” “Forgive me granny please… forgive me! I don’t know what to do.” You can imagine… the boy was in pain and the beating left black and blue bruises. No matter how the boy begged for forgiveness, the woman kept beating on him. Suddenly… the boy disappeared. The woman looked for him everywhere. “Where is my grandson? Where is he…? Where is he?” But… she couldn’t find him. Then, she heard a voice. Guess what! It’s his grandson’s voice. He said, “Goodbye, Granny! You are all alone now. There will be nobody to help you from now on.” The voice died away. From that time. The people of Roti never beat their children or any other people on the head. Because they don’t wanna lose their children or the people they loved.


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